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Sinchana K -

Hello Everyone! We have reached the end of my senior project journey. Thank you for supporting and reading along over these past couple of months. Over these past few weeks, I have learned a lot about the research process and about my topic in general. I was able to be more involved in the administrative aspects of my site placement and learn about people who are actively involved in my field of study and their organizations that support causes related to domestic violence and intrarelationship violence.

As for my final conclusions, I would like to discuss the implications and limitations of my research. As for implications, the romanticization of these toxic behaviors can lead to difficulty identifying the harm and toxic nature of these behaviors as they are seen as normal or a display of affection. This is especially harmful to the younger audiences who watch Bollywood films as they are exposed to the wrong ideals of love and relationships. It is important to conduct research such as this study to further understand the common harmful trends portrayed in all films to be able to recognize and react to them in the real world. With research like this, we can bring awareness and encourage healthier romance both in filmmaking as well as in real life. 

As for my limitations, one major limitation in my study is in my data collection as there was only one perspective when analyzing these movies. Since I was the sole data collector, the views I had on these behaviors and movies could be subjective as what I deem toxic might not be toxic for another person. While I tried to make the scales as objective and numerical as possible, personal bias is still a potential limitation of this study. My personal bias is influenced by culture, the environment, and the ideals I grew up with, which impact how I view these toxic norms and the degree to which they are presented.

My final presentation is on Friday, May 10th at 10:55 am and I would appreciate it if you could attend. Lastly, I would like to thank my off-site advisor, Aakriti Agrawal, and my faculty mentor, Ms. Anderson, for guiding me throughout this project. I would also like to thank our college counselors, Ms. Bennett and Ms. Rothschild for their help throughout this journey. Thank you, as well, to everyone who has been reading and keeping up with this project.

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