Taara S's Senior Project Blog

Project Title: Out of Thin Air: Atmospheric Water Capture and the Future of Water Harvesting"
BASIS Advisor: Wendy Sandor
Internship Location: ASU
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Shahnawaz Sinha

Project Abstract

With the increasing prevalence of droughts and rapid depletion of the world’s freshwater supply, many innovative water conservation methods are emerging in order to combat these challenges. However many of these methods are impractical in certain climates or regions, not affordable to developing countries, or not long-term solutions. Atmospheric water capture (AWC) is a promising alternative that operates in many settings with low energy needs. How can atmospheric water capture strategies be improved in order to decrease expenses while optimizing water production yield? Which method of AWC right now is the most efficient? How accessible are the materials needed to perform AWC? How will water distribution using AWC ensure water equity? Will the production of atmospheric water generators become so large-scale that households can easily purchase them for everyday use?

    My Posts:

  • Concluding Thoughts and Thank You!

    Hello everybody, and welcome back to my blog one last time! I want to start by giving a big thank you to all of you readers for following along on my senior project journey. I hope it has been fun to see the experiments I have performed, and I hope my research has been informative... Read More

  • Week 10: Wrapping Up

    Hello and welcome back to my second to last blog post. Thank you to everyone who has kept up with my project these past two months! This week, I wrapped up my experiments and continued working on my final products and presentation. On Thursday, my professor installed two removable o-rings above the desiccant funnel. I... Read More

  • Week 9: Paper and Powder

    Hello everyone, Last Thursday, I ran the powdered silica gel experiment for the third time but the same powder loss issue occurred even after retaping the edges of the desiccant chamber/funnel. My professor was out of town, but he emailed saying he had some ideas on how to properly seal the funnel, so I held... Read More

  • Week 8: Zeolite Completion and Powder Delays

    Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! Last Thursday, I ran the powdered silica gel experiment again, but there were still problems related to powder loss. I struggled to remove the desiccant chamber after adsorption because there was friction between the tape around the funnel/chamber and the side of the system. So, a lot of... Read More

  • Week 7: Powdered Experiments and Final Plan

    Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! I finalized a plan for the rest of my experiments after making some changes from last week’s update. My final plan is to run adsorption experiments with all four powdered desiccants (zeolite, silica gel, blue silica gel, and activated alumina) only in the vertical setup and compare their... Read More

  • Week 6: From Crushed to Powder

    Hello and welcome back to my blog. I took last week off for spring break, so I did not perform any experiments. Instead, I was working on my AZ Science Fair poster and presentation, which were due on March 15th, and preparing for a symposium through my internship which took place on March 23rd. The... Read More

  • Week 5: Desiccant Experiments

    Hello all, welcome back. This week I was able to experiment with desiccant materials and graph their results. On Wednesday, I ran a 30-minute adsorption experiment with powdered zeolite once my vertical setup was done being modified. The moisture capacity of the powder, which is found by taking (the final weight - the initial weight... Read More

  • Week 4: More Troubleshooting and Modifications

    Hi everyone, welcome back. This week consisted of more calibrating tests since each day a new problem with the dehumidifier setup seemed to appear. On Friday, my professor and I first moved the bottom chamber’s temperature sensor farther down to ensure it wasn’t too close to the heater, which ended up fixing the high-temperature issue.... Read More

  • Week 3: Jumping Hurdles!

    Hello! This week I did more trial experiments to make sure my dehumidifier setup has no issues. On Wednesday, I created three Excel line graphs based on the trial experiments from Tuesday and discussed the trends with my Professor. For every graph, there were issues with the humidity in the top chamber. This chamber’s humidity... Read More

  • Week 2: Learning the Sensor Software and Running Trial Experiments

    Hello, welcome back to my blog!  Today, February 20th, I was able to start experimenting with my upright dehumidifier setup! Below are some pictures (left to right). The 1st pic is the overall module, which consists of ports in the bottom chamber to plug in the humidifier (2nd pic), power meter, air flow tube, and... Read More

  • Week 1: Learning How to Operate a Dehumidifier

    Hey everybody, here is what I have been up to this week! On Monday, February 12th, I spent several hours working in my professor’s, Dr. Sinha’s, Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building IV high-bay lab at the ASU Tempe campus. He introduced me to his research assistant, a Master’s student, working on Atmospheric Water Capture for... Read More

  • Introduction to My Senior Project

    Hello everybody! My name is Taara Shastri and my senior project is titled “Out of Thin Air: Atmospheric Water Capture and the Future of Water Harvesting.” My interest in water conservation stemmed from my Arizona residency and learning about the depletion of the Colorado River basin. As most know, three percent of the world’s water... Read More