Neel V's Senior Project Blog

Project Title: Corporate Healthcare: A Critical Analysis of the Benefits and Risks of Corporate Involvement and Strategies to Preserve Quality Care
BASIS Advisor: Bryce White
Internship Location: CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Onsite Mentor: Christine (Chris) Abell

Project Abstract

Many corporate transactions in healthcare face backlash due to the unwanted standardization of medical practices. I will use CliftonLarsonAllen’s benchmarking tools to identify industry trends of healthcare organizations. Using this data, I will analyze financial motivations behind consolidation within the healthcare industry and explore how these private acquisitions affect how costs are managed in corporate healthcare. Furthermore, I will use my research to investigate if these activities have led to a change in patients’ access to different care opportunities. I hope to suggest a model that would leverage the benefits of corporate backing while sustaining high-quality, personal care.

    My Posts:

  • Senior Project Conclusion

    Hi everyone, This has been my final week in the CLA office, I'm grateful for the wealth of experiences and knowledge gained throughout this journey. Exploring the intersection of business and healthcare has been both enlightening and rewarding, offering insights into the intricate dynamics that shape the industry. This project has provided a unique opportunity... Read More

  • Working on new research and nearing the end

    Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well! This week, I've been diving into some new areas of research for my senior project, exploring fresh perspectives and gathering additional insights to enhance my understanding of private equity and corporate involvement in healthcare. One exciting aspect of my research this week was delving deeper into the... Read More

  • Private equity investment in Technology, AI, and blockchain technology in healthcare

    Hey everyone, This week, I wanted to share some intriguing insights I uncovered while exploring the intersection of technology and healthcare, with a particular focus on how these advancements relate to private equity and corporate involvement in the healthcare industry. One area that caught my attention is the growing use of telemedicine and remote patient... Read More

  • Research Articles from Dr. Averitte

    Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well! This week, I took some time to dive into the articles that Dr. Averitte shared with me, and I found some interesting insights that I wanted to share with you. One of the articles from Harvard Medical School caught my attention as it delved into the impact of... Read More

  • Dermatology Private Equity

    Hey everyone, I recently had a fascinating meeting with Dr. Averitte, the founder of Affiliated Dermatology, who shared invaluable insights into the world of private equity and healthcare investments. Dr. Averitte started Affiliated Dermatology in 1992 with a vision to grow his business and extend his brand, which was further fueled by the need for... Read More

  • Desert Radiology’s Turnaround

    Hey everyone, I had the opportunity to meet over zoom with Rich Bodager, the regional VP of Operations for Radiology Partners and the CEO of Desert Radiology. Rich has an extensive background in healthcare, with over 25 years of experience as a CPA specializing in turning around distressed companies. Desert Radiology faced financial difficulties in... Read More

  • Clinical Trial Sites

    I'm excited to share the latest insights from my ongoing research journey, as I continue to uncover trends in the intersection of healthcare innovation and private equity investment. This week, I delved into the world of clinical trial sites and their increasing significance in the biopharmaceutical industry. In 2023, we witnessed a significant acceleration in... Read More

  • Direct Primary Care

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well. This week, I had the opportunity to dive deep into my research on Direct Primary Care (DPC) and its growing significance in the healthcare industry, particularly within the realm of private equity investing. DPC, often considered an under-the-radar category in PE investing, has been gaining traction due... Read More

  • Technology and Patient Care

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well.  This week, I decided to explore a different aspect of the healthcare industry by focusing on the intersection of technology and patient care. I found that private equity involvement and consolidation in healthcare often drive increased adoption of technology solutions because organizations seek to streamline operations, improve... Read More

  • Private Equity Research

    Hi everyone! This week at my site placement I worked with the healthcare team to find and use different resources to learn about the involvement of private equity in healthcare.  After last week’s meeting with Jenny, she sent me the healthcare services Pitchbook report to look through myself. PitchBook is a financial data and software... Read More

  • Who owns your doctor’s office? It might not be the doctor anymore.

    Hi all! I had a great first week working on my project with CLA. I was introduced to the team and saw many familiar faces from the summer. I talked with three healthcare team members this week to get their insights on my project.  I first met with Jenny, who leads the CLA healthcare thought... Read More

  • Introduction

    Hey everyone! My name is Neel Vasireddy and welcome to my senior project blog. I am interested in business and the diverse career paths it offers in fields like finance, consulting, and accounting. I had a summer internship at CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA), a national professional services firm that specializes in auditing, accounting, tax, consulting, and other... Read More