The last couple of weeks, slightly late

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The last couple of weeks have been rather busy at the library with a donation drive on the ninth and then the sorting of all the books resulting from such. The drive was quite successful with seventy-six donations resulting in a few hundred books (I haven’t looked at the numbers but given it was three truckloads, this is probably a conservative estimate). This was quite a busy and painful day as a box of books is quite heavy and loading and unloading, especially unloading, is quite some work. Especially when you’re one of the few (read only) people who has the youthful vigor (and bone strength) to lift such heavy boxes stacked two high and carry them over to the cart. Moving them down to the basement where the teen volunteers were working is far easier and they thankfully helped, halfway through the last load.

Last week was mostly consumed by shelving the received books but reprieve came in the form of stocking the little book store the library has! This has to be one of the most entertaining tasks the library has as it’s not just putting books on a shelf, it’s putting books on a shelf all pretty-like. After-all, just shoving them on without an order has a rather jagged and messy look which looks horrid and not at all eye-catching; so, in order to rectify this, the non-fiction (as they are not arranged alphabetically) must be put into a nice and smooth height gradient with some turned out, while the fiction is just a mix of combining series all turned out and single novels to make it look better.

Nonfiction shelved and styled
A nice example of the styling of nonfiction books
Another example of the styling of nonfiction
Yet another example!

Another thing, the pidgeons. They hang out around the front picking up crumbs dropped by people, such cute and dear animals. My favourite has to be this black one with a split operculum (the skin flap birds have above their beak); I can’t explain why particularly as they aren’t the prettiest I’ve seen (that has to be a brown one I’ve seen at the park during a May Day celebration or maybe a mottled white one from the same day, Tempe seems to have rather pretty pidgeons) but they’re my favourite all the same.

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