Program Notes: All About the Actor: 3/11/24

Alex H -

While doing this senior project, it came to my attention that I’m sure a lot of you don’t know that much about me and my interests. with this special Spring Break blog post, I am sharing some of my unique interests and exciting experiences I’ve had in my life.


First of all, I enjoy building Lego sets. Now I’m not talking about the typical Star Wars or Marvel Lego sets that people build. I’m talking about Lego architecture sets that let you build famous buildings and cities around the world. I started when I was about 10 with the Big Ben set and recently finished the Himeji Castle set. At last count I had 40 completed.

Various Lego sets next to the builder
Some of my builds

I’m also a big movie and music buff. I can name a song the artist who performed it and the album that I heard it on. In terms of my movie knowledge, I’ve made all kinds of arcane references to movies that I’ve read about but not really seen much to my dad’s chagrin. I even dressed up as my “favorite Christmas movie character,” John McClane, for Spirit Week. (Fight me on this.) I haven’t actually seen Die Hard .

A kid standing next to a Christmas tree

I love to try all manner of interesting foods.   These include: chicken feet (chewy), frog legs (yummy), and calf’s liver (I understand why kids hate it so much). The most unique food that I have tried was pork intestines at a Burmese restaurant in Singapore.

A kid eating something
Just eating some pig intestines at Inle Myanmar! #MmMmGood

My interests are one thing, but my experiences really make me who I am. Some experiences that define me includes zip lining through the jungles of Thailand in the pouring rain, wading in Lake Michigan in Chicago, and even jumping out of a plane this recent January. Some of these stories are going to be a part of my show so be on the lookout for it.

Have a great Spring Break!

A tandem Skydive
I’m screaming with excitement.

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    Memory Bradley
    I love how adventurous you have been with your past experiences, and how brave you are now to write a collection of stories that leave you feeling vulnerable. I think, for any artist, that art requires us to open our heart in an authentic way. It may not be comfortable, but it is the truth in our experience that connects us to others. Well done!

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