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So, illustrations are a lot harder on a canvas seventy-seven and a half times the scale you’re used to working on. Or more specifically the shading is, sketching is familiar enough as it’s already the base of drafting a sprite. I was hoping to use cell shading since it’s what is familiar but while the general process remains the same—choose mid-tone, highlight, shadow, and accent colours, then designate where each falls, and finally fill in each area—the actual process is different, requiring different tools and learning new skills (such as how to use a stabiliser). Line work is the other issue since that is something I have never had to deal with (though arguably its equivalent is deciding which shade and how many pixels a sprite’s outline is/if this part should be outlined). The general process is the same and this time I know what brushes to use and (generally) how to use them, but practice and muscle memory isn’t there. For reference, the general process is to first sketch it physically and scan it or just sketch it out digitally, then go over it with either a brush with static pressure or with pressure scaling size (typically a high curve since the line weigh should be mostly the same), then go and trace over sketch with as few strokes as possible (or at least have them connect). The last part is where I struggle making this simply a skill issue. So I’ll just finish up the required page (credits for font and other copyright stuff, though the font is the only one I think) and print and bind.

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