Day 1- tribulating trials


Okay, if youre not aware my site is Tuning Grüppe, an automotive shop that works on high end vehicles and specializes in Volkswagen, porsche, BMW, and Audi. Here I plan to ready mysef for school at UTI , Universal technical institute, which is an auto mechanic trade school. My final product is to create a couple minute long video of a 3d modeled version of my car and depending on how things go I’d like to add my old mustang as well. Lastly my faculty advisor is Mr. Hillis who doesn’t have an abundance of knowledge on 3d modeling but he said he is looking forward to learning it with me. He is definitely more creative than I so I know that he will be the backbone of my video. I have been following hundereds of youtube tutorials trying to learn the software better. My choice of software is blender if you don’t know which is one of the only free 3d modeling and animating software, but it is still up there with some of the most advanced softwares. On to day 1 which was undescribably advantageous to me. I showed up to the facility arounf 8:15, I was very worried I was late as I was told they start opening at 8 but I was one of the first ones there. I spent the first 20 minutes gufawing at each different car. The mclaren mp12c immediately caught my eye. As I was admiring it I spotted an odd scoop under the suspension near the wheel, upon further investigation I realized it was an air duct for the brakes, there was one on each wheel. That was the first of the cool surprises in this shop. They also had a supercharged Audi S5 that also caught my attention, I glossed it over but I wasnt able to see too much. As 9’oclock rolled around Parker, my on site advisor, showed up and had some important task for me to accomplish. I sorted oil filters for about 5 minutes until It was reasonably organized. I then mopped the floors with a technique that was labeled a trade secret. After the floors were clean I moved onto my next task, blowing dust off of a very nice BMW M3, this car was probably one of the cleanest cars ive ever seen, if there was dust it mustve been invisible so Im fairly certain that they had me do that just for fun but still I got to ooh and awe over a cool car for a few minutes. As this exciting day came to a close they had me  organize oil cans and piping, I feel that I did quite an amazing job even though they were already decently organized but I digress. They had me leave 10 minutes early because there wasnt anything left for me to do and as they said “youre literally not getting paid to stand here so go”. Before I left I used the restroom which was equipped with a bidet which I thought was a little unusual for an automotive shop but why not be classy. I left at 11:50 where I then sped to my next job which started at 12. I was 8 minutes late.

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    What is your ultimate goal for this Senior Project?
    Bidets sure are rare, maybe it was a Cars 2 reference... I also like that your site is specializing in German cars
    I remember seeing you spend a bunch of time practicing with Blender in school. Good luck on your 3D modeling project!
    Evan Hillis
    That is awesome! Sounds like a good first day. They got to show you some of the grunt work that I'm sure all new hires to a shop like that have to go through for a while. I'm glad to hear you had a good experience with it and did the tasks with enthusiasm. That is always a good sign to an employer or boss; taking every task, no matter how small, and doing it to the best of your ability. That alone will set you apart from a vast majority of others in anything you do in life. I am looking forward to working on the 3D modeling with you!
    I love how you're approaching this project by adding a new aspect to your passion of cars using animation. Also cool that you are training for life after high school!!

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