Binding a book

Tania N -

So how is a book constructed? At the most basic level it is simply gluing the pages with content (text block) into a cover made of a more durable material, a technique often seen in paperback books. This carries a slight downside in the fact that it is terribly fragile but easily mended at least. More complex is to sew the text block together into segments before gluing it into the cover to provide more durability. This allows for another useful feature, the endband. This more effectively allows the usage of hard backed books as the endband increases the flexibility of the text block. Now with hardcover books some new elements come into play, a hard cover and endpages. The core of a hardcover in the modern day tends to simply be a thick paperboard (around ½ centimetre) which is then covered in cloth or a faux leather. The endpages are simply heavier pages, although on occasion a metal foil is used, pasted in between the covers and text block on each side and most always pasted directly onto the cover to cover the in facing paperboard. Common to all of these is the usage of book paste, which while not having super specific requirements needs to be PH neutral and flexible.

As for this project I’ll use the simplest method as there is no reason to do more. It will be bound with a basic cardstock cut down to scale as the cover with the text block simply glued in place.

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