A Week at the Library

Tania N -

Now, a week has passed wherein I worked at the library. Most days are the same with hours of sorting books into fiction or nonfiction, then more finely by which type of nonfiction each book is. There has been more as the latter half of last week was spent packing letters; hours upon hours of packing letters, around eleven in total. The library basement itself is rather nice with rows upon rows of moving shelves, each with a depth of over fifty feet (rough approximation) mostly well lit, which while not the best for the books (although most of the time they remain sitting next to each other so not much light gets in) as light can cause fading (though printers cutting costs by using high acid paper does a lot more damage than just fading as the higher acid causes yellowing). The other stand out part of part is how much manual labour is required; I was never under the impression it wasn’t a labour intensive job but the amount required is well more than expected. Imagine the weight of a three foot tall stack of books, now imagine six of those, that is the average cart load. And we move multiple of them a day. But, after twelve years of having to sit still in class all day, it is nice to be working on my feet.

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