4/8/2024: Classic Car Adventures

Bella O -

This past week I spent time at both Classic Promenade, my site placement, as well as Classic Performance Restorations.

James and Chip have been working on a beautiful green Rolls-Royce for a few days to fix the hood which was out of place. The hinge to open the hood was bent which prevented it from opening and closing correctly. The hood of this car is different from a hood on modern cars as it opens sideways on both sides of the front before the headlights.

At Classic Performance Restorations, Ed, the primary mechanic, was working a Mercedes 300SL. The problems from last time were fixed (broken door latch and new tires), however they ran into new ones.  The alternator can only handle 40amps, but after new installations were made including AC and bluetooth, these additions took too much power and resulted in the car breaking down.

I am planning on creating some sort of documentary style video for my final project, and I have finally started working on it. I have the opportunity to call with Angela Ashmore, an engineer for Chip Ganassi Racing, this Friday when I will ask her questions about the IndyCar industry and her role within it.

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    David Kirschner
    Good morning Bella, Is there a list of questions you have for Angela? There are many considerations to consider for her. I think this is great. What preparations need to be considered before going to the track. She will be in Indianapolis this Tuesday, then Long Beach the following weekend. What does she need to consider during this busy time of the year? I would love to see your list. :)
    Are you going to Long Beach?
    No, unfortunately I am unable to make it to Long Beach this year.

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