4/1 – The M3 with perfect fitment (TurnStyle JDM & Euro)

Hayden V -

The past week at TurnStyle has been a blast with Austin and Ethan, the technicians. They have lots of experience to share when working on the customer cars.

TurnStyle had a 2004 Audi S4 Avant in for a major coolant leak. The Audi has a twin turbo V6 engine which is known to be a very good engine for its modification potential. We started by adding water into the radiator to see where the leak was and the water leaked out as fast as we added it. We put the car on jackstands to get under it so we could look for the leak. I found the leak, it was the turbo coolant line. Since it is more uncommon, Ethan needed to order the part and fix the leak later.

I helped replace all of the coolant lines on a Mazda Miata since all off the hoses were getting old. It was a pretty simple job since it was just finding the hose that is the same shape as the old one and replacing it. Windex/ window cleaner is one of the best items to use when putting coolant hoses on because it is a lubricant that will evaporate.

My favorite thing I helped do recently was putting brand new wheels on a BMW E36 M3 they had in the shop. They ordered a set of Work Meister S2 for the car and the fitment was absolutely perfect. The car has double studded wheel hubs so the owner can choose between the bolt patterns, 5×114 and 5×120. The 5 is the number of wheel studs, and the 114/120 is the distance in millimeters from the center of the hub to the stud.

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