3/25/24: What Else Goes On in the Archives Room?

Valeria R -

All file piles have now been organized neatly into folders in boxes!

Exciting update: David Rubin, curator of the controversial Old Glory exhibit, has emailed my site advisor Aspen back and has agreed to be interviewed! Aspen and I will read/listen to more of his interviews this week to make sure we don’t ask him questions he’s already answered. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Last week I also learned about mold contamination, which I had never really considered as part of an archivist’s job. When the humidity in the archive room fluctuates, like on a rainy day, older files may grow mold. When this happens, Aspen places the files in a freezer for a few hours, then takes the files outside where she uses a mask, gloves, and brush to remove the mold to the best of her ability. There’s a special section of the archives room dedicated to files that have had mold removed from them that Aspen periodically checks on to ensure none of it grows back.

A file from the 70s. You can see where mold grew.
Mold brushes!

Speaking of the archives room, here are some photos of it,

Finalized, organized files. This is what the OG collection will look like in a few weeks.
This wall stores 2 copies of each exhibition catalogue from major past PhxArt exhibits.

Along with the rest of the upper basement!

Secret password to enter the upper basement


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    Adam Engle
    Wow! An interview with Rubin! Congrats! You have your work cut out for yourself thinking of questions he hasn't been asked before, but you'll do great and of course we'll help you. The interview will hopefully be insightful and though provoking. These photos are very interesting too. It's not as I would have thought the belly of the beast would look like, it's much more "lived in". I'm excited to hear about the next steps in your journey.
    What are the clothes?
    I never really thought about mold being a problem with paper archives... Isn't it a respiratory/health concern?
    Alex, they are tablecloths used for events. I thought they were clothes too until I took a closer look.
    If the mold spreads too much, then yes. Otherwise, as long as it's safely removed with gloves and a mask you should be safe and healthy
    Thank you Mr Engle. I agree!!

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