2/26/2024 – Turn 2, Unforeseen problems

Hayden V -

This week I have completed painting my car! Fully painted top to bottom with all the panels too. I started on Friday morning, prepping the undersides of the hatch and the hood for the white paint.

While I was painting the hatch, it started to turn to a very bright green color. After some Googling, I think it was a chemical reaction from acid rain which couldve hit the panel over the past 50 years and left some sediment which reacted with the paint chemicals.  I finished up all the white then moved onto painting the very deep black paint I picked out at Space Age, a famous automotive paint shop in Mesa.

The black paint was incredible to go from the primer color to black in one pass. I had another problem while painting the black on one of the taillight panels. While I was on my 2nd coat, I saw that the paint was lifting and I had no way of fixing it, so I just did not put the clear coat on it and let it dry so I could sand it down the next day. I did not get a picture in the moment. I believe it was caused by me not fully cleaning it and having some oil on it that caused it to not have a physical bond with the primer.

The next day, I started to get the inside prepped for the interior. I started by cleaning the interior with the same soap I use for mopping floors since there was so much dirt and grime. While cleaning the hatch area, I found out that when I cut the rear quarter panels for my fender flares. I sliced straight through the rear taillight wiring harness and did not realize. I set it aside as it was a problem for future me.

After cleaning, that I started to add sound deadening to the floors of the car. The sounded deadening will help reduce the road noise and exhaust sound, since I will be lowering the car and adding a louder exhaust. Also, Nissan in the 70s did not add any sound deadening since it was too costly at the time.

Sunday night, me and my father wanted some mid build motivation and put some of the car rear end together. We put in the freshly painted hatch, dove tail wing, rear valence, and the European/ Japanese Domestic Market taillights I have had for 2 years. It looks exactly how I envisioned it over 3 years ago, and seeing it finally come together is a very fulfilling experience.

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