2/19/2024: Classic Promenade Chronicles

Bella O -

The first week at Classic Promenade has been pretty enjoyable due to the fact there is always something to do. Whether I’m listening to Harry explain the details of all the cars in the showroom to guests, or taking pictures of new cars to post on the website, I am entertained by this introduction to the car world. So far, I have enjoyed experiencing the business side of things. I had the opportunity to learn how they take pictures and videos to promote the cars they sell, and I got to fly a drone to video the car being driven. I did crash the drone into a tree, however; thankfully there was no damage to the drone.

 I was also tasked to make multiple phone calls to different mechanics to find a U-joint for a 1928 Packard. Sadly I had no luck finding the part after calling at least 10 different people, but we hope to find one soon. One of the cars that were delivered for the mechanics to begin working on was a Buick Electra 1st gen, which was also really cool to see because the unique wings in the back.

I would like to visit different race tracks in the area soon as part of this project to learn more about the racing industry here. I look forward to seeing more of the business side as well as the mechanic side over the next few weeks.

Buick Electra:


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